The games:net Berlin Europe Podcast

The games:net Berlin Europe Podcast

Episode 21 - Derk de Geus

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Give yourself the chance to have chances! Derk de Geus, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Paladin Studios, believes that persistency is the key for success. Take full ownershop of what you can control, but have the trust in your team that they will do the rest. In this episode he talks about his way in and out of burnout and how spirituality drives him to find both himself and the best way to lead his studio.

Where you can find Derk: LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, Website, Paladin Studios

Games mentioned: Cut the Rope Remastered, Nailed it! Baking Batch, Good job!, Stormbound, Momonga Pinball Adventures, Civilization, Dune II, Dune Legacy, Assassin's Creed, Fez, Stardew Valley, Mario Kart, Deliver us Mars

Other media mentioned: Meditations - Marcus Aurelius, Siddharta - Hermann Hesse, Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink

Companies mentioned: Paladin Studios, Dutch Game Association,Quest3D Engine, Nintendo, Netflix, Bandai Namco, Midgame Fund, KeokeN Interactive

People from the games industry mentioned: Fedor van Herpen, Adriaan de Jongh, Koen Deetman

Other interesting stuff: Nondualism, Ayahuasca, Founder's Syndrome, Shockwave, Indie Arena Booth, Develop:Brighton, gamescom

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On this podcast, co-hosts Simon Ohler and Florian Masuth interview interesting and inspiring people and want to learn more about their contribution to the games industry, while also shining a spotlight on the person behind the career.

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