The games:net Berlin Europe Podcast

The games:net Berlin Europe Podcast

Episode 16 - Nathaniel "Nate" Barker

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With his newly founded games studio Roamer Games, Nate Barker wants to do what nobody else does. What that is and how he wants to accomplish that, he tells Simon and Florian in this episode. Apart from that he shares his love for Berlin, data-driven game development and his team.

Where you can reach Nate: and LinkedIn

Mentioned Companies: Roamer Games, Kolibri Games, GameOn Vilnius, Wargaming, King, Applovin, Play Ventures, BLN Capital, Disney, Unity, Facebook, Play Test Cloud,, Sisu Game Ventures, Supercell, Apple, Adjust, Tapulous, JustPlay

Mentioned Games: Animal Crossing, Pokémon Go, Sandbox, Tap Tap Revenge, Gutiar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Wandering Village, Polytopia, Civilization 6, Timberborn, Space Haven, Sims, Sim City

Other media mentioned: Matrix, Independence Day, Groundhog Day, The Culture Code - Daniel Coyle, The Lean Startup - Eric Ries, 1491, Prisoners of Geography - Tim Marshall, Flatland - Edwin Abbott

Mentioned people from the games' industry: Joakim Achrén, Medos Gashi, David Smit, Ilia Vikolaien, Philomena Schwab, Sid Meier, Will Wright, Carl Livie

Other interesting stuff and people: Idle Games, Hyper Casual Games, Bubble Shooter, Life Simulation Games, Michael Phelps, Match Three, FinTech, SaaS, UGC - User generated content, Shoot'em Up, Flight Simulator, ROAS - Return on Ad Spend, CPI - Cost per Install, Scrum, Web3, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, NFT, Bitcoin, Etherum, dotcom bubble


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On this podcast, co-hosts Simon Ohler and Florian Masuth interview interesting and inspiring people and want to learn more about their contribution to the games industry, while also shining a spotlight on the person behind the career.

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